Parques SP

Documental TV Show (10eps x 24min) | NatGeo | Ecotourism | Director: Sergio Tulio Caldas | Script: Fernanda Morais and André Colazzi

In this ten episodes TV series the hosts Celso Cavallini and Izadora Bicalho, both urban adventurers, will live an amazing and unforgettable experience in nature through the state parks of São Paulo. They will have access to beautiful landscapes that almost no one can go to and researches from ten parks never shown before on TV: Cantareira, Campos do Jordão, Ilhabela, Ilha Anchieta, Ilha do Cardoso, Carlos Botelho, Intervales, PETAR, Serra do Mar and Morro do Diabo. They will explore biodiversity and show the audience the many recreation options that these places have, such as radical sports, underwater trails and cave’s exploring.